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We understand the extreme stress and pressures arising from family and relationship breakdown.

That’s why our family lawyers offer thoughtful, personalised services to help clients navigate the complexities of family law and receive their full legal entitlements.

It’s important to have experienced help on hand when dealing with the sometimes complex legal procedures and paperwork involved in separation and custody issues. However, Rockdene’s family lawyers consider the ‘whole person’ rather than just the legalities of this difficult area. Our Sydney team aims to settle your matter quickly and efficiently, minimising the emotional impact, while optimising the financial outcome.

We offer targeted, specialist support in the following areas

Divorce is a challenging experience. It can also become complicated very quickly, adding to overall stress levels. Our divorce lawyers can guide you through the process with expertise and compassion, helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

Rockdene’s family lawyers aim to negotiate a fair property settlement without the need to go to court. We will work with you and your spouse, or their legal representative, to secure your legal rights. The team also consults closely with other relevant professionals, including your accountant or tax adviser, to ensure an effective result.

Our family lawyers can help you negotiate the legalities of parental responsibility in the event of family breakdown.

The team can advise you on securing your rights for spousal and child support.

It’s important for couples contemplating either marriage or a de-facto relationship to think through the issues involved. The family law team can assist couples wanting to draw up a pre-nuptial agreement covering different aspects of the relationship.

Our settlement lawyers regularly represent client interests in both the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.

We take special care of clients experiencing domestic violence. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this regard.

It can be hard to keep a business functioning while family and property separation is taking place. Yet it’s vital to protect business assets to ensure a successful outcome. Our family law team is well-placed to help clients preserve their business interests during this stressful yet critical time.

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