Our Approach

Rockdene Lawyers are experienced immigration lawyers having had first-hand experience of the immigration process when we immigrated to Australia ourselves.

Successfully applying for a visa can be a challenging process as the regulations and skills categories are constantly changing. The key to a successful visa application is to ensure that all the requirements are satisfied so as to avoid incurring costly delays.

Having recently been through the process of applying for immigration visas, we are well- positioned to guide our clients in gaining professional skills recognition and to obtaining the most appropriate visa to suit their needs.

As lawyers, we are able to provide legal advice regarding your visa application, establishing a business in Australia and any matters that may need to be settled with the assistance of the Courts.

How we will work with you.

The process varies according to the visa class, but generally the process includes:

We will conduct a free initial assessment to determine your eligibility to apply.

If the Initial Assessment is satisfied, we can assist with gathering and preparing the relevant documentation or nomination.

For Skilled Worker visas, the Points Test must be satisfied and key documents such as medical clearances and Police Clearance certificates must be obtained.

For some skilled migration visas, you will need to obtain prior accreditation of your qualifications and experience.

This includes lodging your Application for assessment by Home Affairs. If any key steps or documents are incomplete, the application will be rejected. This could be costly as some certificates such as medicals, expire after a period of time.

For many Visa classes, there is a period of waiting while Home Affairs complete their assessments.

For Skilled Worker visas, if the Expression of Interest is accepted, you will be invited to apply for your visa.

Again, it is critically important to have the application in order as the invitation expires after 60 days.

Once your application is successful, your visa will be granted, and it is important to observe the conditions of that visa, such as any time limits to move to Australia.

Tips Tricks and Traps

There are many pitfalls that can derail your application. Often strict deadlines need to be met for the submission of documents else the application lapses.

It can be frustrating and costly when applications are rejected because the required documents are not in order or if the proper process is not followed. We will ensure that all the documentation is in order.

Many professional categories such as lawyers, require a bridging course to be completed. In some cases, these can be completed on-line prior to your application so that your professional registration is all settled before you arrive, thus enabling you to practice soon after arrival in Australia.