Visa Summary

Working and Skilled Visas

Rockdene’s Immigration lawyers are able to assist you with the different processes in applying for Working and Skilled visas such as Skilled Worker/Skill Shortage Visa, Employer Nominated and sponsored visas, Business Investment Visa; Business Talent Visa; Business Owner. We can assist with the end-to-end process.

These visas cover a wide range of visa classes for both temporary and permanent residence visas. Many of the visas lead to eligibility to apply for Australian citizenship subject to certain criteria as well as being able to sponsor relatives for permanent residence.

Application processing time vary for different visa classes between 12-18 months.

What Visas are included.

For specific skills categories that are in demand, there is no need for an employer nomination.

Are suitable for persons who skills are in demand in Australia and where the employer can demonstrate the need for a visa.

These are suitable for applicants who wish to continue to own and operate their business in Australia or who wish to make a business investment in Australia or who possess specific skills or business talents that are in demand in Australia.

Family and Partners

These visa categories include visas for your Partner or prospective partner, a dependant parent or child are a carer. These can be either temporary or have the right of the holder to reside permanently in Australia.

Depending on the visa class, Rockdene’s immigration lawyers can take you through the process.